!! NEWS on ENLP 2022 seminars COMING SOON !!

Are you passionate about improving the world of food and nutrition? The ENLP Essentials Programme, first established 25+ years ago, was developed for ambitious individuals who want to make a difference in the world of food and nutrition. This is an intensive training programme which takes place in March / April each year following the Nutrition Leadership Platform structure, namely: outdoor training, team work, in-depth self-analysis and end of seminar case study (application of the lessons learnt). The ENLP Essentials Programme focuses on leadership, not capacity building in nutrition science. We believe that leadership is the “ability to lead from where you are”.

During the ENLP Essentials Programme, participants acquire knowledge, tools and tactics needed to grow as impactful leaders in food and nutrition. This hands-on, highly interactive programme provides participants with the opportunity to reflect on their own strengths and abilities, providing space to test and apply new skills and knowledge acquired individually in in groups and to develop a personal action plan.

Participants will acquire tools which will allow them to successfully navigate across academic and commercial environments including:

  1. Strategies for effective team working.
  2. Knowledge of a range of communication styles to help them to:
    • Influence through listening and enquiry.
    • Explore their personal strengths of vulnerability and positioning.
    • Lead through conflicts.
  3. Preparing and delivering effective presentations.
  4. Knowledge of a range of leadership styles, suited for different challenges & situations.
  5. Reflection and development of a personal action plan.

This is an intensive programme and participants must be prepared to fully commit to the programme. As a participant you will join over 1000 food, nutrition and health professionals who have been trained, inspired and connected through ENLP’s in-depth life-changing leadership programmes and you will become part of a growing ENLP Alumni network of food and nutrition professionals who continue to positively impact on food and nutrition issues.

Traditionally attracting final year PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, early-stage researchers and experienced dietitians, the ENLP Essentials Programme is open to all food and nutrition professionals. For those working in food industry or non-governmental agencies, we encourage those with an MSc or PhD degree in food/nutrition, dietetics or related sciences, and who have several years of professional experience in food/nutrition and health, to apply. In selecting participants, we look for candidates who demonstrate strong motivation, who articulate a clear perspective on their future career, which ideally will have a European focus.

As part of your online application you will be asked to include 2 letters of recommendation. We particularly encourage applications from countries currently under-represented within the ENLP. Please note that your application will be assessed by a Selection Committee, a panel of external evaluators. If selected to participate, once the course is completed, your name and affiliation will be shared with the ENLP Alumni Network.